Shape and Roll Foot

One of the limitations of the current Jaipur Foot model is that it does not allow for the extreme dorsiflexion necessary for squatting. This project aims to re-design the Jaipur Foot to allow for this extreme dorsiflexion, as well as adding a new attachment between the exoskeletal socket and the foot and a new support structure made from materials found in the developing world.

Other projects aimed at improving the Jaipur Foot have focused on creating a cosmetic cover to coat the Shape and Roll prosthetic foot. This coating needs to be durable, and yet it also needs to be reasonably cheap. This is possible only by bonding the Shape and RollĀ  foot to the cosmetic cover in a secure fashion to reduce the rate of deterioration and wear. The material must be lightweight and flexible enough to avoid impeding the contour motion of the heel, and yet be durable enough to withstand continual use in undesirable environments.

Current Jaipur Foot

Jaipur Foot Re-Design

Jaipur Foot Redesign Computer Model

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