Jaipurfoot is the largest exoskeletal prosthetic fitting community in the world with a large network in India. However, their prosthetic system lacks a knee joint. The Exo-Knee team will collaborate with Jaipurfoot to develop a knee prosthesis.  Transfemoral prosthetic technology is perhaps one of the most researched and well-funded areas for prosthetic development in the world. However, there is currently no prosthetic knee joint which satisfies the following requirements:

  1. Resembles an actual human leg. (Aesthetics are important in many developing countries)
  2. Is affordable
  3. Has an alignment system to be fitted on various types of patients
  4. Has the safety feature of a locking mechanism during the stance phase to prevent knee buckling.

Our technology idea is to develop an above-knee prosthesis that satisfies these above requirements- an enhancement of the Stanford Knee. In addition, we will design an efficient and effective dissemination method for our prosthetic system by combining a crowd-fund, training system, and fitting camp organized with Jaipurfoot. The latter will be done in collaboration with Kopernik and Jaipurfoot.

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